Lena Glikson is a young music editor, film composer, music educator and vocalist residing in Los Angeles, California. Born in Russia, she has received a broad music education. She started studying classical piano at the age of 6 and at the age of 16 she began her professional education specializing in Music Theory in Voronezh Musical College n.a. the Rostropoviches. 

   Lena won multiple international and national competitions and participated in many festivals as a vocalist.

     She became the youngest soloist of the Voronezh Governer’s Orchestra, she has also sung with the Midnight Jazz Band under the guidance of the legend of Russian Jazz, Igor Fainboim. In 2011 Lena was chosen from hundreds of female vocalists to perform in the original musical show Halloween Story directed by Ilya Moshchitskiy (St. Petersburg Music Hall). In 2012 she played a part of a nun in the musical Christmas Story.

     Lena earned a B.M. degree in Film Scoring in the world’s most prestigious educational institution for contemporary musicians, Berklee College of Music. Being a student, she received 3 awards for Outstanding Musicianship. Her musical interests cover many different areas such as vocal performance, orchestral conducting, composition, music editing, arrangement and production. Variety of styles in which Lena performs is also quite broad and includes classical, jazz, pop and klezmer music. In July 2013 Lena won Global Jewish Singing Contest Hallelujah in Kiev, Ukraine.
     In 2013 - 2015 she also worked as a Radio DJ on the BIRN, producing her original classical music show Cantus Firmus.
    Lena was chosen to be one of the composers for the silent film Nosferatu (1922). The score was performed on October 2015 at the Boston Symphony Hall by the Boston Pops.

      In 2016 Lena joined the team of the Film Composer Rolfe Kent and the music editor Nick South.

In 2017 Lena started working for the 2 Pop Music - a music editing company located on the Warner Brothers studio lot in Burbank, CA. 

Lena Glikson